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Greg uses the old school “5 steps to a sales call”, that he has added his own unique twists to which even the savviest veteran on your sales team will be interested in listening to. Greg will customize a training and consulting package to fit your needs and budget. He will also train on any of the solutions his company has provided. “I teach people about the job of Sales as well as How to sell”, said Greg Hill president of GregMedia, Inc and home of .

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Most sales training is about product knowledge and sales techniques. Greg Hill with over 30 years of hardcore sales experience is an expert on both. He also adds something not seen in most sales trainings and that is an honest and logical assessment on how to survive in the sales environment. This includes how deal with management, associates and how a sales professional should manage their day. This training alone will make your sales team more productive and easier to manage.

How about sales techniques? Greg Hill will take the time to evaluate your product or service and come up with the right way to approach, present and close your customer and then train your team with his fun and easy to learn style. He is and expert and does not waste your time with untested sales theory that few will understand and no sales professional under the pressure to make a sales quota will do.

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