The Sales Universe Podcast

Greg Hill had one of the first video sales training series on YouTube over 10 years ago, five steps to the sales call. Continuing his 40 Years plus of sales experience he is now offering his training and insights in his brand new podcast The Sales Universe. Exploring different aspects of the sales process will be discussed every week along with things that affect the sales Universe such as politics technology and economics. He is invited guests from all over the sales Spectrum.

Also sales technology is often ignored by sales management for a variety of reasons, many real and some imaginary. We will be speaking with the leaders in the sales technology industry to explore new ways to make our jobs more efficient. Many times companies spend way too much money on custom solutions that are already in the marketplace.

Sales has changed over the four decades that I have been involved. It has gone from the time where the salesperson was the only provider of information to now ,the internet age, where any fact can be checked on a smartphone. Our role is changed and so has society. When I was a young man it was considered prestigious to be a commission salesman, because everybody knew that's where the money was. Millennials would rather be unemployed. Millennial employees that must sell as a part of their job have become a huge challenge. We will be tackling this dilemma and many others that have presented themselves in the modern sales world.